“Sloane Developments consists of a multi-million pound corp-orate body made up of a number of subsidiary companies.”

Sloane Developments is privately owned and financed allowing for a dynamic, entrepreneurial atmosphere and unhindered third party funding. The company was formed in 2004 with offices in Europe and the Middle East. It quickly expanded to India, the US and the Far East (Malaysia, China). The reputation and capability of the group was borne out of robust returns and high quality products and services.

The genesis of the organisation comes from its dependency on high standards at all levels of operation. The standards and benchmarking processes are derived from the group’s origins: that of European property development. BS/ISO standards as well as RIBA, RICS & LEED codes of conduct, inform the working practices and ethical conduct.

Sloane Developments has proven expertise and past success in property development in the UK and the Middle East. It has developed a number of residential and mixed-use, High Rise complexes within the United Arab Emirates. It has invested in a plethora of private companies; with currently roughly 80 brand names in operation at this time.